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what people say about working with us.

Emma Bengtsson, NY

"As a chef, it’s very important to have a photographer /videographer that understands the flow of the kitchen and how to capture your vision just right. 
Jackie is that person. Loved working with him and loves seeing the result that he produced."

Dennis Shinners, NY

"Can't thank Jackie (Founder of Aoki Studios) enough for his absolute his absolute professionalism, astute problem solving abilities and all around one-heck-of-a-great-person-to-be-aroundness with Stateside."

Liz Ortiz, NY

"Such an amazing presence and professional[...]"

Jeff, NY

"If I ever need photography or videography services for my businesses again, I now know who to call!"

Nahrinde, NY

"Took great photos and videos for my restaurant."

Naomi Hunt, NY

"[Aoki Studios] just gets angles and pictures that you wouldn't think of. The creativity is insane and so glad to have [them] help us. Thanks again!"

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